HSE Management Programs

As a growing company expanding within the resource sector EHC has developed a HSE Management framework which supports each project to meet the requirements of our federal construction safety accreditation and flexibility to adapt to our customer needs.  

Understanding our customers, their HSE expectations and project risks enables EHC to implement fit for purpose HSE management practices. 

Programs have included:

  • Addressing skills shortage and capability by supplementing industry training with onsite “challenge” testing, where newly trained equipment operators are put through their paces in the work environment on site to improve understanding of the work environment and how the equipment will respond and react to the terrain, weather conditions and other site factors.
  • Onboarding program for supervisors and HSE professionals to improve understanding of customer expectations and “how” EHC delivers to these expectations.
  • Development of the Hyperspace solution, reducing working at height exposures during construction.
  • Application of Sustainability principles and practices to deliver environmentally, socially and economically positive outcomes.